Driver CPC Training (PSV)

Driver CPC Training Course Syllabus

The EU Directive 2003/59 lays out the syllabus. The content of each training course is designed to deal with subject matter that is relevant to the driver in your day-to-day work.

The following are the titles of the CPC training courses:

Module 1 Control of the vehicle and Eco-driving techniques (License C & D)
Session 1. Characteristics of the transmission system
Session 2. Effective use of safety controls in Buses/Coaches and Trucks
Session 3. Optimising fuel consumption

Module 2 Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industries (license C & D)
Session 1. Risks of the road and accidents at work
Session 2. Ability to assess emergency situations

Module 3 Health and Safety of the professional driver (license C & D)
Session 1. The importance of the physical and mental ability of professional drivers
Session 2. Preventing physical risks

Module 4 Role of the professional driver in the transport industries (License C & D)
Session 1. Ability to adapt behaviour to help enhance the image of the profession
Session 2. Understanding the social environment of road transport and the rules governing it

Module 6 The professional bus driver (license D only)
Session 1. Ensuring passenger comfort and safety
Session 2. Loading the vehicle
Session 3. Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants
Session 4. The regulations governing the carriage of passengers
Session 5. The economic environment of the carriage of passengers by road and the organisation of the market

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