London. The UK government has published a Brexit manual on road haulage (Published 18 November 2020). It summarizes the most important rules that will apply to the sector from January in the movement of goods between Great Britain and the European Union (EU).

The manual will be continuously updated in line with the decisions that will be adopted for the sector in the negotiations between the UK and the EU.

At the same time, the government announced the opening of 45 information points, where around 1,000 trained employees are available to provide information and advice to transport and logistics companies. These information points are set up at strategic traffic locations for road freight logistics and are distributed across the country.

The information is available in 13 languages

The manual and advice will be available in 13 different languages, reports the UK Road Haulage Association (RHA), with reference to the UK Government. As a result, drivers from EU countries should also be able to benefit from the information offered, according to the reason. However, the online version of the manual is currently only available in English.

The successes of the first Brexit information points, which were started as pilot projects, have made clear the need for information that exists in the industry. A good 7,000 truck drivers obtained information from these locations within two weeks, and hundreds of intensive individual consultations took place. Brexit agreement or not: the fact is that trucks will continue to drive through customs after January 1st. We, therefore, we welcome all measures taken to prepare truck drivers as precisely as possible for what they will then expect.

The so-called Brexit transition phase that Great Britain had agreed with the EU will expire on December 31, 2020. Until then, despite Great Britain’s exit from the EU, the old rules of internal market traffic will still apply. From January 1, 2021, Great Britain will then be treated as a non-EU country. The two sides are currently negotiating with each other which rules should then apply to relations between the two countries.

The UK Government’s free Brexit Handbook can be downloaded here (Nov 23 2020)