EFAS 5 Smart Tachograph

The new generation of tachographs is already in use in the first vehicles and from 15.06.2019 mandatory for vehicles registered for the first time. But many entrepreneurs do not seem to attach any importance to the introduction of the new, intelligent tachograph. What is new, what has to be considered and does the driver know how to use the new functions?

The situation is a bit similar to the launch of Digital Tachograph in May 2006. Again, very few companies were really prepared. And even fewer drivers were trained in using the digital technology of the new equipment. In 2019, certainly as many entrepreneurs are unaware that action is needed again.

Against this background, it is necessary to once again be reminded in detail of the corresponding provision from the EU Regulation 165/2014.

Article 33:

  • The transport company shall be responsible for ensuring that its drivers are adequately trained and instructed in the proper functioning of the tachograph;

The vast majority of drivers are not trained on existing tachographs. However, the new smart tachographs have additional functions, some of which are legally required, but sometimes only optional ones: the DSRC functionality, which enables the control bodies to remotely access certain data, or the ITS interface, which enables the transmission of a whole range of information to external applications, if the driver has given his consent.

  • But what if the driver does not give his consent? What is the general situation in the context of data protection? Is the DSGVO also affecting the existing generation of tachographs and, if so, how do we deal with the topic of data protection regarding the digital data of the driver card and the mass storage device?
  • Are new driver cards needed and how are they different from previous ones?
  • Can your existing evaluation software continue to be used? – Try proDRIVERS IDHA
  • What about the hardware for reading the mass storage? – Digital Data Download Equipment
  • When the position stored and what is are the special features of the various manufacturers?

The list of interesting as well as elementary questions could be continued. Because even with the printouts or the ferry mode attitude something has changed.

However, it is indispensable, in particular, to learn the news regarding the operation in practice on the new smart tachograph and then to be able to practice.


Those who are not concerned with these important issues until the new tachographs are already in the vehicle fleet, or even when the first operator errors have led to a fine, take a considerable risk. Entrepreneurs, transport managers and fleet managers should, therefore, respond promptly. Any change to existing laws and equipment will consequently entail appropriate obligations to train and customize business processes. Authorities will look closely at whether a company has done its homework

Driver training mandatory on the Smart Tachograph