A high fine for a driver for manipulation on digital tachograph

Nuremberg specialists from the traffic police carried out a check on HGV on Monday morning (13.02.2017). They discover a serious tachograph manipulation.

The officials stopped the truck registered in Turkey at 11:30 am in Nrenberg. When they looked through the freight papers, they were struck by inconsistencies. On the basis of these documents, the truck started on Thursday (09.02.2017) in Turkey and returned a distance of 1.800 km to the control center. The digital tachograph of the Renaults, however, recorded only a driving distance of almost 900 kilometers.

The officials then check the control unit. They found evidence of manipulation. They determined that the truck had been driven over a distance of about 1,000 km without prescribed records.

The 54-year-old driver admitted that the device had been manually influenced by several EU countries without breaks. Thus the man deceived corresponding rest periods, although he actually drove the truck.

The police officers are now investigating suspected falsification of evidence-based data. For the infringement established under the Passenger Carriage Act, they raised a security deposit of EUR 2,000 and ordered a rest period of at least eleven hours. The investigations continue.

(Source – meinestadt.de)

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