Antwerp, Low emission zone from February 2017

As of 1 February 2017, the entire city centre of Antwerp and part of Linkeroever will became a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The most polluting cars will no longer be welcome in the city as of this date. In 2020 and 2025, the LEZ requirements will become more stringent, to ensure that air in the city becomes even cleaner.

Why is Antwerp enforcing the LEZ?

There is a lot of soot and particulate matter in the air in Antwerp. This is detrimental for the environment and for public health. A large part of this pollution is caused by the cars in the city. The air quality in the city will become healthier for everyone by no longer admitting the most polluting cars to the city.

Where does the LEZ operate?

Antwerpen LEZ

Antwerpen LEZ

The LEZ covers all of the city centre and part of Linkeroever. The zone is indicated with its own traffic sign.

Antwerpen LEZ

Antwerpen LEZ

Antwerpen LEZ

Antwerpen LEZ

To which vehicles does the LEZ apply?

The LEZ applies always, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to:

category M: passenger transport with passenger vehicles, vans, buses and coaches
category N: freight transport with vans and lorries
category T: wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors
The LEZ does not apply to mopeds and motorbikes.

How is the LEZ enforced?

There will automatic cameras installed along the boundaries of the LEZ. They will zoom in on every number plate. The number plate will be compared to a list of all admitted vehicles. Cars that are not on the list and that enter the city will be fined.

May my car enter the LEZ?

The most polluting vehicles may no longer enter the city. These include older diesel-powered cars and very old petrol-powered cars.

whether a car may enter the LEZ depends on its Euro norm. This norm – a figure in the range of 1 to 6 – in principle is indicated on your car’s registration documents (under environmental category “milieuklasse”). The higher the figure, the less polluting your car.
Only cars that fulfil the conditions for admission may still enter the city.