Vehicle Camera Solution

5 Reasons to Invest in a Vehicle Camera Solution

In today’s crash-for-cash climate, the presence of vehicle cameras is a rising trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed. From simple dash-cams to full multi-camera systems, installing a vehicle camera solution protects your drivers against false claims, improve driving behaviour and lower insurance premiums.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Have a read of our top 5 reasons why you should be investing today…

1. Protect your drivers with indisputable evidence

According to Aviva, they have seen a 9.5% yearly increase in the number of fraudulent claims in recent years. With industry figures showing 1 in 10 personal injury claims are linked to suspected crash-for-cash schemes, it is important to have evidence to support your claim. The presence of in-vehicle cameras or “dashcams” not only deters fraudsters from targeting your vehicle but also provides accurate and admissible video evidence of any incident.

In the video below, see how the Verilocation camera solution provided an HGV customer with the video evidence needed to dispute an insurance claim.

2. Reduce your insurance premiums

As the need for cameras has increased so has the technology. More advanced vehicle camera solutions are now being equipped with g-shock readers and 3G/4G sim cards, meaning that they are able to provide real-time SMS/email alerts and instant access to the footage of any detected incidents (this does not apply to SD card-based cameras). This feature can make a big difference in speeding up the claims process with the ability to provide your insurers with FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) and indisputable evidence of exactly what happened. In the long run, this saves you money through avoiding insurance ‘reserves’ and legal fees.

3. Improved safety for your fleet and the public

As with any business with a fleet of vehicles, your drivers are the face of your company and bad drivers means bad business. Not only does it run the risk of impacting your businesses’ hard-earned reputation but it also affects your drivers’ safety. Installing forward-facing and/or driver-facing cameras can reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring as your drivers are more aware of their actions/driving style.

Multiple recognition schemes such as London’s Direct Vision Standards, FORS and CLOCS require cameras to maximise visibility whilst on the road. The use of professional multi-channel cameras eradicates the drivers’ blind spots when linked to in-cab monitors, ensuring the safety of the driver, other vehicles, and cyclists/pedestrians.

4. Save fuel & reduce wear and tear

A lesser-known benefit of vehicle camera solutions is the potential for cameras to save your company money in day-to-day fleet costs. After speaking to Transport Managers at our latest camera forum at the beginning of March, it was made clear that after having cameras installed into their commercial vehicles, driver’s adopted a different mindset. The opportunity to be praised for great driving, defend themselves from claims and knowing they have a live witness on-board creates a more conscious driver that was mindful of their driving behaviour, resulting in reduce fuel usage and less wear and tear on the vehicles.

5. Personalised Feedback/Training

When it comes to improving driver performance, camera footage of driver’s reactions can be invaluable as it creates a feedback/training approach that is driver-specific. By downloading and watching the footage with your drivers and using the camera’s detailed g-force and accelerometer data, you can quickly identify specific areas for improvement and create targeted incentive programmes for them.


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